mod_pfakehp is apache-2.x module for dummy serve php. Module allow directives in .htaccess files or apache configurations files:

  • php_value
  • php_flag
  • php_admin_value
  • php_admin_flag

Goal is all php directives do nothing and apache is happy.

Conflict with mod_php as DSO module.

Compiling and installing

RedHat, CentOS
apxs -i -a -c mod_pfakeph.c
Debian, Ubuntu
apxs2 -i -a -c mod_pfakeph.c
Source code was modified from htscanner
License: PHP Licence is simple python script to download latest games updates.


Single or multiple downloads
python --id BLES00000 BLES00001 BLES00002
Scans GAMES, GAMEZ folder and downloads all available updates.
python --scan /Path/To/GAMES/GAMEZ
Download folder is current working folder.